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Ethnic rhombus print


Hand drawn polka

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Ethnic print 001


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Size Guide: 10″x 10″ block

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We understand that choosing the perfect fabric for your design is a crucial step in bringing your creative vision to life. To make this process as seamless as possible, we’ve outlined a simple guide for selecting your ideal fabric choice:

  1. Explore the Options: Take your time to browse through our diverse fabric collection. We offer a range of materials, patterns, and colors to suit your preferences and project needs.
  2. Consider the Design: Think about the nature of your design. Is it a flowing garment, a structured bag, or a delicate accessory? The fabric you choose should complement the design’s intended purpose and aesthetics.
  3. Texture Matters: Pay attention to the texture of the fabrics. Do you prefer something smooth and sleek, or are you looking for a more textured and tactile feel? Consider how the texture enhances the overall look and feel of your creation.
  4. Durability and Use: Think about how and where your creation will be used. If it’s a garment, consider factors like breathability, stretch, and how it drapes. For accessories or home decor, durability and resistance to wear might be more important.
  5. Color and Pattern: Decide on the color scheme and pattern that aligns with your design concept. Whether you’re aiming for bold and vibrant or subtle and elegant, our collection has options to suit every taste.
  6. Read Fabric Details: Each fabric in our collection comes with detailed information, including composition, care instructions, and recommended uses. This will help you ensure that the chosen fabric meets your project requirements.
  7. Consult with Us: If you’re still unsure or need expert advice, our customer service team is here to help. We can provide recommendations based on your project specifications and preferences.

Remember, selecting the right fabric is a part of the exciting journey of creation. We’re here to assist you in every step, ensuring that your final piece embodies your creativity and passion.



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"Soft Cotton 36", "Poly Canvas 58", "Baby Satin 58", "Thick Satin 58", "Mul Cotton 44", "Rayon 44", "Velvet 44", "Curtain Fabric Thick 58", "Curtain Fabric Thin 58", "Stiff Cotton Mix 44"


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